Please have your permission slip(s) and money for Lagoon to Lisa by May 16.  Those who wish to participate must not have -20 or worse accumulative behavior points as of May 17 (you may check your student's CoolSIS account).  Students may ask teachers what can be done to acquire positive points.  Lagoon is a lot of fun--you do not want to miss out!
Lagoon amusement park
May 19, 2017 (leave 8:45 am, arrive home 5 pm)
permission slips due May 16; enough positive points by May 17
Cost is $10 (transportation) $30 (park entrance)
Need help with cost, please let Judy know
Want to help students not able to pay full price?  We are happy to accept donations 
Bonus:  Bounceback is available to students on or before June 9, 2017, for $17 + tax for a 2nd day of fun.  Students must return with their original ticket and student ID to take part in this special promotion.
All students going May 19 will need to fill out the Lagoon Permission slip(s).  Those traveling with friends or the parents of friends will need to fill out the 2nd permission slip "Waiver and Permission to Transport Child," as well.  Please sign the permission slip(s) and return as soon as possible.  IMPORTANT!  Do not pick up your student early from Lagoon without notifying their chaperone.  We will not leave the park until every student is accounted for.  No exceptions.
There is no advantage to traveling in a private car since we will arrive when they open and will leave when they close.
Students will need a lunch or money for a lunch.  We will not need parent chaperones but if you wish to go, your park entrance fee will be slightly higher than the students ($33) and you may pay at the gate. Please know that kiddieland, including the train and Lagoon-a-Beach water park will not be open that day.
Those attending Lagoon may wear free dress day clothes.  Those staying behind and attending school must wear their regular uniform and bring a lunch (no school lunch served).


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