High school students and parents:

Please find below the elective classes offered for 1st semester. All classes are first come first serve. Make sure to read the descriptions and limitations below, as some classes are limited to certain grade levels or they require full year commitment. High school electives will be offered during 9th period (last) everyday. Based on teacher feedback and last year’s grades, students may be enrolled for specific electives.

In order to sign up for an elective class, make sure to click on the elective class name below, fill out the Google form and submit. There is no need to select more than one elective. If you get a message saying “Class is full,” then select another elective.

Elective selections will be closed on Monday, August 14, 2017, at 12 pm (noon). Elective class change requests may be considered based on availability, until Friday, August 25.

As a high school student,  you need to consider choosing music or art elective to meet graduation requirements of 3 fine art courses.


AP Computer Science Principles (Mrs. Guney, 10th grade and up, yearlong)

In fall 2016, the College Board launched its newest AP® course, AP Computer Science Principles. The course introduces students to the foundational concepts of computer science and challenges them to explore how computing and technology can impact the world. The AP Program designed AP Computer Science Principles with the goal of creating leaders in computer science fields and attracting and engaging those who are traditionally underrepresented with essential computing tools and multidisciplinary opportunities.
Please keep in mind that this class is not the same as AP Computer Science A. 

For more information on College Board: http://collegeboard.org/APCSP

Math Foundations (Mr. DeFronzo, 9th grade students only, semester long)

This is an extra support for those 9th grade students who have struggled to complete math assignments. Half of the class will be spent working on math homework assignments, the other half will be spent practicing math skills using online resources.  This class won't cover new material, nor will there be any additional homework from this class.

Digital Photography (Mrs. Walloch, semester long)

This is a one semester class offered once every year.  We will cover; photography basics, creative composition, various photo genre, history, yearbook publication, photo retouching/photoshop, portraits and technical photo.  It is very helpful if you plan on joining yearbook club, want to submit competitively or would just like to take better pictures.

Music Appreciation (Ms. Musick, semester long)

This course is designed for students who seek the opportunity to extend their musical understanding, heighten music listening skills, and increase their ability to respond more fully to music. Experiences will include opportunities to experiment with sounds, analyze famous compositions representative of most styles, and inquire into music’s connections to contemporary life, history, and cultures. No pre-requisite course is required.

Web Development (Mrs. Gul, semester long)

The Web Development curriculum is an introduction to the design, creation, and maintenance of web pages and websites. Students learn how to critically evaluate website quality, learn how to create and maintain quality web pages, learn about web design standards and why they're important, and learn to create and manipulate images. The course progresses from introductory work on web design to a culminating project in which students design and develop website.

Study Table (Mrs. Kablan)

This class is for students to work on homework, get help from their teacher and complete or lessen schoolwork at the school. Great for students who may need extra class time to work on assignments.

Feel free to contact Mr. Kablan for any questions: halis.kablan@beehiveacademy.org.


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