If your student is doing good or great in all their classes and you do not receive a (mailed) invitation to come to parent teacher conference then you do not need to attend.  Parent teacher conferences will be Wed and Thurs, March 8 and 9. Teachers informed Deanna as to which parents they would like to talk to and she sent letters to these parents which should arrive by Monday.  Please call Tuesday afternoon if you would like an appointment with a certain teacher. Appointments are first come first served after the teachers top 10 are scheduled.  Appointments will be set up from 5:30 to 6:40 pm.  If you do not have an appointment, but would like to speak with a teacher please come at 6:40 pm. Parent teacher conferences will be over at 7:30 pm.

Contact Deanna Bunata for any questions. 

National Honor Society (NHS) is once again sponsoring our very popular International Day which will be held March 1.   Here is what  you can expect:
- Students may choose any country in the world except the U.S.
- They will be expected to know and share facts about that country, wear native dress if possible, and have food and music from that country if they can.
- On February 7 and 8, during SSR and lunch, NHS will be at the library signing up participants and their countries. 
- It's first come, first serve so students must be there to get the country they want. 
- It's suggested to have a few options of what countries a student would want to do so if their first option is taken, they can easily pick some place else from the list. 
- All participating students will go to the library on Thursday, Feb. 9, where NHS will explain what will be needed, what is required, and the whole process.
- Students will be excused from their first four classes to participate.
- There will be a contest for different categories of displays with awesome prizes. 
International day will include native dress, dance, music, and food from many countries and will be held at "The Well" which is located on the other side of Beehive's parking lot, next to Nicklecade.  This will take place during the school day so all students will attend and parents are invited.  Students are NOT required to showcase a country but we encourage all to do so.
All participants will receive a free dress day.
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