The week of February 13 though 17 is "Hope Week" sponsored by Beehive's own Hope Squad.  We are proud of our Hope Squad students and their goal to help students have a great school year. School can be stressful but by encouraging positive, healthy behavior we encourage a happy, confident student. 
We will have a fun activity each day during SSR that we hope will encourage healthy living.
On Tuesday, Feb. 14 (Valentine's day) students may wear white or red tee shirts or sweaters with their uniform pants (shirts should be as plain as possible). This is to show support for the theme that day "Share the Love."  
Here is the theme for each day:
Monday--"Find the Cure"--physical activity helps prevent depression (relay between classes).
Tuesday--"Share the Love"--wear red or white tee-shirt or sweater.  Kind and happy thoughts to others boosts your own happiness.
Wednesday--"Find your Inner Peace"-- Take time to think and reflect.
Thursday--"A Hopeful Future"--having goals and a plan keeps you focused and gives you confidence.
Friday--"Confidence Can Go the Distance"--believe in your own abilities, even when experiencing setbacks.
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