Art Club (Ms. Walloch, Tuesdays, Room C105)
Exposure to the Arts is a vital part of Beehive Science and Technology Academy.  We understand that our technological world progresses by innovation and creativity.  All students benefit by creative exploration and development. To help strengthen our students’ abilities and help them prepare for their future through scholarships we are creating our Art Club.  In this club we will meet once in a week to encourage students to further their abilities in the visual arts.  Students will choose media and subject to explore in a deeper way than is possible in a 45-minute class time.  They will have the opportunity to enter local and national scholarship contests and possibly earn a scholarship. During each term club members will donate art to be sold at school sponsored functions to help pay for supplies for the Art Club.Regardless of what they pursue, each student will find greater connection and fulfillment through the creation and refinement of the visual art they produce through the Art Club.In order to cover the cost of supplies we will charge a $20 club fee.  

Student Council (Mrs. Firmage, Tuesdays, Room B121) 
Student council is an important component in Beehive’s school culture and consists of a president, vice president, grade representatives, a secretary, historian and two treasurers. The president and vice president have already been elected, but all the other positions are open for this school year. This group of highly motivated students organize and run many of the extra-curricular student activities of the year, such as the student store, dances, school parties, prom, charity fund raising, and spirit week to name just a few. Attendance after school on Tuesdays during club time is required for the weekly meetings, as well as some weekend hours for activities. Parent support is essential for these positions. Students must be elected to attend this club. Campaigning starts next week and voting takes place on September2.

Karaoke Club (Mrs. Harding, Tuesdays, Room B102)
Come and sing your favorite songs and learn/practice performance skills.

Library Club (Mr. Mattison, Tuesdays, Room B112)
Our library will be completely student managed with a checkout system. We will need students to be there to help out in the mornings, during SSR, and after school. 

Homework Club (Mr. DeFronzo, Tuesdays through Thursdays, Room B105)
Mr. DeFronzo would like to offer a homework club on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week. Students may attend with friends any day(s) and work on homework together. Peer tutors as well as myself will be available when tutoring is needed. Students who attend can expect a quiet, safe environment to complete work for any class, an occasional snack provided by Mr. D., and Wi-Fi to log in to textbooks and academic websites.

Scholarship Club (Coach Colby, Tuesdays, Room A112)
The scholarship club will be a way to teach students how to apply for and receive scholarships.

3D Game Design Club (Mrs. Gul, Tuesdays, Room B123)
In this course you will learn the fundamentals of 3D Game Design and coding by creating an Adventure Game using Unity and JavaScript. You will follow a real-world design and engineering process and publish on your school platform. Requirements: For middle school students only.

NASA Space Club (Ms. Duffy, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Room B110)
(There will be one day for 7th graders and one day for 8th graders, which will be decided with students) THE NASA SPACE and HOMEWORK HUB CLUB. Students will have the opportunity to explore the exciting offers of a NASA SPACE CLUB – including the NASA Summer INNOVATION Camps, and active homework hub recovery, during the same time frame; 2:50-3:45, if a 7th or 8th grader needs help or time to complete their assignments, they are welcome to join us either for their English or Science homework. The BSTA NASA SPACE and HOMEWORK HUB CLUB is designed to help inspire students to better develop the necessary skills with so that our BSTA students are the best prepared to earn a spot and scholarship for an awesome summer vacation at a local NASA STEM camp. Both boys and girls welcome; Grades 7 and 8 will be given priority. RECENTLY, NASA USU, VISITED BEEHIVE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY and has agreed to partner with BSTA supporting BSTA’s afterschool effort by providing resource materials making learning about space –fun. 

FTC/FRC Robotics (Mr. Gul and Mr. Akkaya, Tuesdays and Thursdays, Room A122)
Students build robots, program and prepare them for competitions. Students gain an understanding in robot building, programming, design, power tool usage, teamwork and overcoming challenges in an engineering challenge. Our teams participate in competitions organized by FIRST ( Each year a new challenge is released for students to analyze and come up with solutions. Competitions are usually from January to March. The robotics club meets twice a week (Wednesdays, Thursdays) and there will be weekend meetings as well. Depending on the need, there may be more meetings before competitions. Students need to keep their grades up to stay in the club. Parents are welcome to help as mentors. There is a $100 fee per student to help cover the cost of materials and competition registrations, but this may be waived if students can find sponsors. FTC and FRC Teams will be formed. Requirements: High School Only, Fee: $100

Yearbook Club (Mrs. Harding, Wednesdays, Room B102)
Come and be part of documenting the memories of this school year!

Hiking Club (Ms. Van Groningen, Wednesdays, Room B106)
Hiking Club: Hiking club is available to all students in middle school and high school. The hikes are accessible for all levels of fitness. We will meet in Ms. VG's room by 3PM on Wednesdays and return back to BSTA at varying times depending on the location of the hike. You do not have to go to every hike to be in hiking club. Students need to be prepared for the hike by confirming with Ms. VG at the beginning of the week and by bringing athletic shoes and a water bottle. See Ms. VG for a permission slip and to be included on the email announcement list.

Crafts Club (Ms. Ganung, Wednesdays, Room C102)
We will make and bring home a new craft each week. The crafts will be simple projects. No previous skills are required. Examples of craft we will make include cards, picture frames, pictures for the frames, hair bands, hot pads and many more. All students welcome. Requirements: Please bring $5 for supplies.

Music Extravaganza! (Ms. Musick, Wednesdays, Room A102)
This club is for our proficient musicians in the school. Come jam out and learn new music. Want to start a rock band, COOL! Want to start a Doo-op group? COOL! Want to start a boy band and call it Hip To The Now? AWESOME! Then sign up. We will hopefully have 2 performances in the school year. Requirements: Bring your instrument. Must be able to play at an intermediate level or above.

Fundraiser Club (Coach Colby, Wednesdays and Thursdays, Room A112)
The fundraiser club is a way to communicate with businesses and corporations in order to raise funds for the school.  Students will learn how to write letters and set appointments with owners/managers to help raise funds. We will be asking for a variety of funds from gift cards to monetary donations to be given out for scholarships, etc.  

National Honor Society (Mr. Mattison, Thursdays, Room B112)
Any student with a B or better in every class is welcome to join NHS. In NHS we plan and execute service projects, school activities, and support the school and community in any way we can. NHS is excellent experience for college applications and beyond. It shows leadership skills and initiative.

Beginner Ukulele and Guitar (Ms. Musick, Thursdays, Room A102)
Want to learn ukulele or guitar? Then this club is for you!!!! We learn the basics of both instruments, how to read music and write our own songs. We will show off our skills at two performances. Requirements:  You HAVE to own your own instrument.

Soccer Club (Mr. Harlow, Thursdays, Room B122)
Come enjoy playing and learning about soccer. 

Girls in Science (Mrs. Kablan, Fridays, Room C103)
Girls in Science initiative is to encourage girls to consider the many possible fields available in science. Our BSTA GIRLS IN SCIENCE CLUB supports BSTA overall goal to help encourage girls at our school to pursue education and careers in STEM.  Club will utilize all of the resources available that match our girls’ interests and talents while supporting every student to excel across the STEM learning fields.  We further expect that the BSTA Girls in Science Club will come up with many interesting ideas, including service project ideas that connect their love for people, science, and adventure.  CAMPS: GIS also offers national and REGIONAL (Logan, UT, for example) science camps and university visit opportunities throughout the year and during the summer months.

Cyber Patriot (Mrs. Guney, Saturdays, Room B123)
CyberPatriot is the National Youth Cyber Education Program.  At the center of CyberPatriot is the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition. The competition puts teams of high school and middle school students in the position of newly hired IT professionals tasked with managing the network of a small company. In the rounds of competition, teams are given a set of virtual images that represent operating systems and are tasked with finding cyber security vulnerabilities within the images and hardening the system while maintaining critical services in a six-hour period. For more information: Requirements:  High school students only.

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